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Taekwondo Kids Confidence

Our Martial Arts Program

We teach a traditional Taekwondo curriculum that celebrates each individual’s unique capabilities in a safe and positive learning environment in Roswell, GA. Our progressive teaching methods place a strong emphasis on hard work and character development. Our success is measured by how much our students LEARN and ENJOY the world’s most popular martial art, TAEKWONDO!

Positive Energy

The life skills of Taekwondo are learned through hard work in an atmosphere of positive energy!

Personal Best

We respect each individual's unique learning style and strive to help them achieve his/her personal best.

Hard Work

Success is the result of the combined efforts of the student, classmates, and our team of professionally trained instructors.


Our students develop a sense of respect for themselves and for others through continuous acts of courtesy and effort.

"Enjoy the journey and the results of your hard work will take you beyond your expectations."

Taekwondo Generations

Taekwondo Curriculum

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